C4 Metal Construction and Canopies

C4 Metal values honesty and integrity above all else, it is locally owned. As experts in all aspects of metal roofing you will find our services are customizable to each individual project. We specialize in both installations and replacements of standing seam metal roofs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work as well as our commitment to outstanding results. C4 Metal is looking forward to ensuring your satisfaction and building lasting relationships.

Marcelino Cano, "Marce"
is the owner/operator of C4 Metal. Along with operational duties he is also the primary welder and QC inspector. A hard worker, he is building C4 Metal into a business that will include his growing family.

Areas Served by C4 Metal

C4 Metal can handle all of your metal construction needs. They are known for their expertise with new metal roofing, custom canopies and metal building construction. They also install gutters for rain water collection systems.


Metal roofing is very popular in Central Texas. C4Metal installs 2 types, those attached with hidden fasteners and those with exposed fasteners. The standing seam roof is the most durable, popular and maintenance free metal roof in the world...

Custom Canopies

C4Metal and Canopies is your custom canopy company in Central Texas. They will work with you to design, construct and install a canopy to meet your needs. Their products are available as a full turnkey service which includes: design, engineering, fabrication and installation. Whether it is a single post, cantilevered curved shade type for a small swimming pool or a 4 post shade unit for protecting vehicles Marce and crew are up to the task. The shades and sails available are manufactured from material created for sun control and stunning identity. They can be installed at existing playgrounds, patios, poolside areas, and retail spaces. Steel columns can bolt to existing concrete or will be installed with new concrete footings. Many custom shade sails can attach to existing structures. Hipped or curved shade structures are also an excellent and colorful solution for covered parking. A wide variety of shade fabrics are available. Structures can also be fabricated to support a waterproof fabric covering which offers both sun and rain protection to vehicles. Give Marce a call and C4Metal will help get you covered.

New Construction

C4Metal, Marce and crew would love to construct your new metal building. Welding, bending and cutting seems to be in their blood. If you need a new garage or an addition added on, give them a call. Throughout the Central Texas area C4Metal has created, repaired and modified garages, workshops, barns and car ports. Both for home and business, Toyota of Texas trusts them enough to create a covered metal building spanning over 1300' in length. A local homeowner recently had them reweld and reinforce some metal construction that had some obvious weaknesses. This resulted in a structurally sound 'Entertainment Garage'. No job is too big or too small. Turnkey construction is their strength. Concrete footings in dense lime stone is the norm for C4Metal, they'll attach their steel structures in the most appropriate manner. Sheet metal sheathing and roofing along with insulation will result in a C4Metal building ready for the harsh Central Texas weather that might occur at any time. Email or call C4Metal and they'll be happy to meet with you to discuss all of the possibilities that are available.

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